DDHP-004 Studio Document de Saddle [Miss Menes who allowed customers to vaginal cum shot because of the loneliness of breaking up with her boyfriend] A new therapist who was popular because she looked like a gal and had good visuals! Because of the ease of getting involved in a light talk,the customer relentlessly pressed for the actual performance,and the person himself forgave the loneliness of breaking up with his boyfriend the other day and was vaginal cum shot as it was. [Three months after

DDHP-003 Studio Document de Saddle [Miss Menes who did the actual act again without being disciplined even though the previous store was dismissed due to the actual act] The therapist who transferred to our store after leaving the store where Deriheru who was working before violated the rules! Blow ? insert as it is without much resistance to the customer’s main strength to get the nominated customer! In a sense,I’m going to swing my hips and entertain with over-service that is convincing! [Mari

DDHP-001 Studio Document de Saddle [Miss Menes who invited customers to have sex with backing without knowing that they were taken secretly] The therapist who should have kept the top nomination with outstanding beauty and proportions was actually collecting customers by backing Was discovered by secret shooting! A series of violations of the rules that invite you to licking anal that is not in the service,actual acts,and vaginal cum shot! [Satomi (Shinjuku store) Former store number 3]